Simple and Easy Ways to Keep Ticks Away

MOW AND CLEAN YOUR LAWN OFTEN: Ticks enjoy hiding in piles of grass, leaves, and yard debris. Most professionals agree that by just keeping your grass trimmed and tidy will greatly reduce the number of ticks that assemble themselves on your property.
USE PLANTS THAT NATURALLY KEEP TICKS AWAY: There are some plants that will naturally keep ticks away for you. One of these plants is Chrysanthemums, which have a high level of natural pyrethrins. Pyrethrins naturally repels ticks. Other plants that keep them away are lavender, geraniums, and peppermint.

CREATE A TICK BARRIER: Ticks tend to travel to your property from wooded areas. Just as a fence might keep out a deer, a simple barrier can keep ticks from wandering onto your property. Anything like gravel, a wide strip of rocks, or even mulch will be a good enough of a blockade to potentially discourage them from making their way onto your property. 
KEEP DEER AWAY: Did you know that a deer can carry thousands of ticks and leave them in your yard? Even if you've never seen a deer on your property, they may visit when you're absent or sleeping. Many people fence in their property but you can also purchase a cheap and effective deer repellent.

Unfortunately, there is no true way to completely eliminate the risk of ticks in your yard. Like any pest, you just have to be extra vigilant by checking your pets, children, and yourself every day after coming inside. Also, if you go walking in the woods or in areas with tall grass, wear closed toe shoes and clothes that cover your skin, especially on your legs. Doing any of (or all) these things will help potentially reduce the amount of ticks that are living on or around your property.