How To Make Your Own Fairy Garden


Fairy gardens are tiny, magical worlds complete with miniature furnishings, fairy-scale plants, and a sprinkle of magic.  

It doesn't really take much to build a fairy garden. All you need is a touch of inspiration, some cute, little plants, some accessories, and a home for your fairy.

Fairy Garden Checklist

 . Container or location

  . Glue Gun 

  . Sticks and stones

  . Moss

​  . Slate (to create a walkway)
  . Acorns
  . Seashells
  . Marbles
  . Bottle caps


STEP 1: Decide on the location of your fairy garden. You can create a little folk home in a cute pot or choose a pretty location outside.

STEP 2: Pick out which fairy-sized plants you would like to use in your garden. 


STEP 3: ​Choose which accessories you would like to furnish your garden with. 

STEP 4: Use nature as a resource to complete your magical, little garden with moss, slate, pebbles, acorns, and whatever else you can find in the wilderness. 


STEP 5: Use your imagination and be inspired! Your fairy garden can be whatever you want it to be